Outpour is the premiere Pentecost celebration in Los Angeles. Originally formed as an observance of the original outpouring of the HOLY GHOST in the bible (50 days after resurrection of Jesus Christ), Outpour has grown to simultaneously commemorate the outpouring of God’s Spirit in Los Angeles that occurred during the Azusa Street Revival of 1906. Since the first celebratory weekend in 2012, Outpour has grown to include multiple pastors, ministries, and dignitaries, all with one mind and one accord, looking to remember and re-experience the initial Pentecost encounter as recorded in the Bible.

Pastor White.jpgSuffragan Bishop David A. Rhone founded Outpour by the leading and unction of the Holy Ghost. While studying scripture one day, Suff. Bishop Rhone took note of Paul’s burning desire to return to Jerusalem for Pentecost (Acts 20 & 21). Like Paul, the Lord impressed a burden on Suff. Bishop Rhone to remember the importance and  significance of Pentecost, and to bring about an awareness and urgency to all with whom he was connected. “A lot of times, we get lazy after Easter. But there is another movement in the Kingdom. Jesus makes it clear that after His resurrection, there is something else coming. He goes on to tell his disciples that they are not to leave Jerusalem until they got that which was promised of the Father, the Holy Ghost. Pentecost is a big deal!” With his assignment clear, Suff. Bishop Rhone gathered pastors in the Greater Los Angeles area—regardless of race, denomination, or organization affiliation—and told them of his vision to partner and celebrate the infilling of God’s Spirit. Since Outpour‘s inception in 2012, the event has grown yearly to include all who embrace the power and baptism of the Holy Ghost. “Outpour is a time for believers who have come from all walks of life to come together and celebrate the one thing that we all have in common, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It is my prayer that this event grows until all of Los Angeles comes together as unified front to remember the greatest gift given to mankind.”